Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can become a member for $16 per month, with a 1 month FREE trial.
You can cancel at any time (see below).

No, the lessons are web-based. You can screen share them during classes with your students, or open them in a browser within the platform you're using.

Lessons can be used on tutoring or video calling platforms that allow you to share a webpage during class.

I highly recommend these first two platforms because they allow full interactivity for students on computers and iPads:

 - Koala Go [built in browser] Read more here
 - RemoteHQ [built in browser] Read more here

Other options include:

 - Zoom [screen share + give control] Read more here.
 - Teams [screen share + give control]
 - ClassIn [multi-way screen share or browser tool]  Read more here.

These last three platforms do not yet support full interactivity for students on iPads.

Please test whichever platform you decide to use with an example Learnaling lesson before purchasing.  

If your platform of choice doesn’t support student interaction, you can still use Learnaling lessons, with the teacher dragging objects or clicking based on the student’s response.  The student will still be able to draw so long as your platform has a draw tool.

There are currently over 290 lessons available:

- 65 lessons at Level 1 (Units on Alphabet x3, Colors, Let's Play, At Home, My Day, Animals)
   + homework worksheets for most units

- 48 lessons at Level 2 (Units on Body, Family, Food, My Classroom, Playtime, My Room)
   + printable workbooks for all units & some interactive homework

- 50 lessons at Level 3 (Units on Clothes, Food, Home, School, Hobbies, All Year Round)
   + interactive previews and homework for the first five units

- 48 lessons at Level 4 (Units on Yesterday, Eating Out, In the City, Jobs, Countryside, Family & Friends)
   + interactive previews and homework for all units up to Jobs

- 48 lessons at Level 5 (Units on Countryside, Choosing Clothes, Jobs, Travel, Maps & Directions, Materials & Senses)
  + interactive previews and homework for units on Clothes, Jobs and Travel

- 3 Trial lessons
- 2 Seasons lessons
- 3 Christmas lessons
- 5 Chinese New Year lessons
- 5 Halloween lessons
- 2 Football World Cup lessons
- 2 New Year lessons
- 2 Thanksgiving lessons
- 2 'Fat Bear Week' lessons
- 5 Grammar lessons

There are 8 lessons per unit and there will be 8 units per level initially. Level 1 is now complete.

More lessons are added each week. 

Yes, there are now previews and homework lessons for most units, please see the question above for full details.

Members are welcome to teach using Learnaling resources on any online platform so long as they comply with the Learnaling Terms of Use.

 Please read the Learnaling Terms of Use here:

In order to comply with other platforms’ policies, I recommend checking with them directly.

Consider joining the Learnaling facebook group here.

Check out these slides with info on levels and exam alignment.

Read the About page here.

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You can cancel at any time. You will then have access to the lessons until the end of the current billing period (i.e. the month you already paid for).

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