How to Use Learnaling Lessons in ClassIn

ClassIn is a tutoring platform with a free version and a paid version. The features described here work in both versions.

Students on computers should be able to click, drag and draw on lessons. Students on tablets should be able to draw.

With a Student on a Computer

1. Open your class and wait for the student to arrive.  

2. Click on the [student’s picture] and then click on the [crown] symbol. This ‘authorizes’ the student to click, draw etc. once you enable those features.  

3. Click on the [toolbox] symbol, then select [multi-directional screen share].  

4. Click on the [checkbox] symbol to choose to share a particular browser window.  

5. Select “Allow students (authorized) to click.”    The student will now be able to click, drag objects and draw using the draw tool in the slides.  

Alternatively, you can switch to “Allow students (authorized) to draw.” This will let them use the ClassIn draw tool instead.    

With a Student on an iPad / Tablet / Phone  

Multi-way screen share still works as described above, but students cannot click and drag, only draw. Therefore, I’d suggest using the browser option below, as it works just as well and is a little easier to use.    

Browser Option

 1. Open your class and wait for the student to arrive.    

2. Click on the [student’s picture] and then click on the [crown] symbol. This ‘authorizes’ the student to draw once you enable that feature.  

3. Click on the [toolbox] symbol, then select [browser].  

4. Copy the Learnaling lesson link into the browser and make the browser full screen  

5. Select “Allow students (authorized) to draw.” to allow them to use the built-in ClassIn draw tool.  The student will be able to draw, but not click or drag.    


Don't worry, the lessons are designed to work well whether or not the student can use all interactive features. The teacher can still click and drag, which allows for loads of fun activities that wouldn’t be possible on static slides. The student can say answers, draw lines and draw dots to choose options.  

Examples of fun activities with teacher click/drag:
- Games where the teacher can hide an object and challenge the student to remember it.

- Activities where the teacher clicks to reveal a different card each time.

- Activities where the student can see the correct answer moved into place after they say it. This makes it easier to visualize correct answers and read them.

- Memory games.

- Activities where cards or words are hidden until the previous one is dragged/clicked: this helps the student focus on the current sentence and allows for more examples.

- Rewards where the student can choose items for the teacher to drag or click. E.g. dressing a character or choosing food to make a meal.  

In addition, homework activities (coming soon) will work with full interactivity on any device as they do not need to be shared through another platform like ClassIn or Zoom. 

If you’d like to learn more about how teachers are using Learnaling lessons with ClassIn, please join the Learnaling Facebook group here.

 Once you’ve joined the group, you can comment on this post if you’d like to test ClassIn with another teacher.  

There is also a general Facebook group here for teachers learning to use ClassIn (not associated with Learnaling).  

ClassIn also has a chat support option on their website. They will help you set up a free trial of the paid version, if you find the free version doesn’t meet your needs.