About the Learnaling Curriculum

The Learnaling curriculum is a new series of interactive English lessons I'm developing (Hi, I'm Jenny! More about me below).
The lessons are for private online tutors to teach young learners of any nationality.

You can become a member for $16 per month and get access to the lessons as they are released.
There is currently a 1 month FREE trial. 

Lessons include interactive features: drag & drop, click the answer, draw / write on the screen, move game pieces, match images etc.

Lessons can be used on tutoring or video calling platforms that allow you to share a webpage during class: e.g. Zoom, Teach with Koala, or Teams. Full details in the FAQs.

Learnaling levels will be roughly aligned with CEFR guidelines, Cambridge YLE exams and TOEFL Primary exams. Students/parents can choose whether or not to take these exams.

Lessons are designed to encourage student talk time, especially giving opinions and problem solving. Games and activities will promote acquisition of grammar and pronunciation through use in fun contexts.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jenny! I'm the creator of the Learnaling curriculum. I’m from the UK, but I’ve also lived in the US and Canada.

My qualifications:

  • - 1st class degree in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, UK, including honours level courses in syntax, phonetics and phonology, first language acquisition and second language acquisition.    
  • - Trinity Cert TESOL qualification (similar to CELTA)    
  • - Young Learners ESOL qualification  
  • - Seven years EFL/ESL teaching experience, with kids aged 3-18 and adults, including both classroom teaching and 1:1 online

I’ve taught English in the UK, Mongolia, Vietnam, Spain and China. In addition to language skills, I love to encourage curiosity and problem solving skills in my students, and increase their interest in other subjects through English.

I’ve also worked in science communications and as a researcher for an international children’s NGO (Lumos).  I enjoy learning languages and speak some Norwegian, Spanish and German.

I’ve been designing interactive online resources for kids for around two years. I love creating Learnaling lessons and my goal is to make them really fun for both teachers and students.