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Spark your students’ curiosity with lessons that encourage creativity, discussion and thinking skills, as well as pronunciation and grammar.  

Learnaling is a new curriculum for English language (ESL/EFL) teachers. Lessons are web-based and can be shared with students during online classes in platforms such as Zoom, Koala Go, or ClassIn.  

There are currently over 200 lessons available at Levels 1-5, with new lessons added each month.  Members have the opportunity to give feedback on any lesson, so that new Learnaling lessons keep getting better for you and your students.

Sample Lessons

Trial Lesson for Levels 2-3

This trial lesson:

- Checks knowledge of vocabulary from Levels 1 and 2.

- Allows teachers to assess student ability across all skills prior to level placement.

- Gives students a fun introduction to the curriculum.

Level 5 Reading Sample

At Level 5, students are familiar with past tense and can read and discuss longer texts like this one.

Level 5 will cover future tenses, present perfect, past continuous and more challenging vocabulary on a wide variety of topics.

Level 1 Challenge Sample

At the end of each unit, there is a challenge. This can be done as a test or as a review lesson, depending on the parents' preference.

In this challenge, students help Emma find her lost pets.

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