How to Use Learnaling Lessons in Koala Go

Koala Go is an online tutoring platform with a built-in web browser so that you and your student can video call and interact directly with Learnaling lessons.

Students on any device (including iPads) can easily draw, click and drag & drop!

To use these features in Koala Go, you need the Pro version (currently $19 per month). There is a two week free trial of the web browser so you can test it with your students. This trial period will start automatically when you follow the steps below.

Getting started

Step 1

Follow this link.

Enter your email. You'll be sent a link to access your personal classroom.

Step 2

Click the 'New Activity' button.  

You're now inside the classroom. This is the whiteboard area. You and the student can draw, type and drag here. You can also add images here to create fun rewards or extra activities.

Step 3

Click 'Invite Student'. Send the link to your student or another device you'd like to test.

Click to allow your camera and mic. You should now be able to see your video and the student's once they join.

Step 4

Click the globe / browser symbol at the bottom of the whiteboard.

Step 5

Copy and paste the Learnaling lesson link into the browser.  

Click to make the Learnaling lesson full screen within Koala.

Now you and your student can both interact with the Learnaling lesson. Happy teaching!

Optional Bonus Feature:
The Playground

If you give your student five stars (using the reward button on the whiteboard), you can open the playground.

In the playground, you and your student can run around as avatars.

Look out for fun new features in the coming months, which may include the ability to edit your avatars, buy things with seeds, catch squirrels and have a pet.