Using Learnaling Lessons with RemoteHQ

RemoteHQ is a video calling platform with a built-in web browser so that both participants can interact directly with Learnaling lessons.

Students on computers and iPads can easily draw, click and drag & drop!

Their standard plan is $15 per month but they are currently offering Learnaling teachers a 35% discount (so $9.75 per month) and an extended 3-week trial* with code: TUTOR_RHQ.

*NB:The trial is free, but you will be charged and refunded their normal $3 trial fee when you sign up, as they had to use a workaround in their payment system to enable this offer.

RemoteHQ also have a Zoom add-on app for $5 per month, which you can subscribe to through Zoom. However, it does not currently work with iPads.

Click here for the RemoteHQ website.